Tailor-made Executive






Your company needs extra executive capacity for a certain period, as asupport to your management team or when attempting a new project for which it lacks experience or senior executive time availability.



Companies do not always have the necessary resources available to seize the business opportunities at the right moment. On the other hand, when exploring business in new areas, you can avoid committing resources on the long term –hiring experienced executives- until the feasibility and interest of the new business is confirmed. However, the right executive recruitment takes a precious time while projects stagnate.



Having an experienced executive available at short notice, during the time it takes to build the needed internal capacities, can make the difference between success and failure of a development or change project.






Investing in healthcare is one of your targets. Either for the projects’ initial prospection or for the due diligence, you need industry executive know-how to maximize your success rate. Your Venture Capital firm possesses the internal resources to do it, although it can require additional, temporary or specialized support.


Once the target is incorporated to your portfolio, you may need an experienced executive, well aligned both with your project’s targets and timing.


If you keep the key managers on board, you may need as well an external support to grant the achievement of your growth, improvement or restructuring targets within the expected timeframe and with the expected return in mind.


Plan Alpha places an executive —with international financial, general management and restructuring experience in healthcare— at your service for the necessary time and with the only mission of achieving your investment targets and the expected return for your clients.






You have ambitious business plans though you do not have the necessary know-how and experience available right now to seize the opportunities in time. You need quick and easy access to executive capacity, temporarily and at an affordable cost:

  • You do not need to be a big multinational corporation to access executive capacities at the level of your ambition, adapted to the limitations and requirements of a SME.


  • You do not need either to bear the full cost of a senior executive or longer than your project actually requires. Cost and duration can adapt to your needs.



Having a customized executive support will allow you to advance in your projects while incorporating new strategic capacities, benefiting both your company and your executives.






Your growth strategy would benefit of the contribution and network of a senior executive but your project cannot absorb such a cost at this moment.


The entrepreneur must fully focus on developing the business and the help of an experienced manager can make the difference or, at least, contribute to boost growth.



We will explore together the right way for you to access these resources while feeling comfortable and at the driver’s seat of your project, so adapting the cost to your business’ growth pattern. We are ready to take a chance on your project and assume the higher risk element normally associated to promising starting business.