Associate to model Plan Alpha



  • You are a professional with 10 or more years experience in management, preferably in more than a company or environment.
  • You have a track record of successful achievements in one or more business areas.
  • You have managed or made part of multidisciplinary management teams.
  • You keep a solid and active contact network.
  • You work or want to work on a project-basis.
  • You cannot imagine your compensation not being linked to your results.
  • You are inspired by change, challenges and, above all, success in the projects you lead.
  • You can work in English and have no problem to travel with the frequency and duration required by the customer’s projects.
  • You would appreciate counting with the support and collaboration of other executives with the same kind of approach and that have decided or are about to decide to change the way they add value to companies.



If you recognize yourself in this profile, you may want to know more about this innovative model.

Send your details to email, with the ASSOCIATE reference in the subject, and I will contact you to give you more details.